Family/Whānau Support

Our Family/Whānau Support workers are experts in the field of mental health and addiction.

They understand the impacts of mental distress and addiction, they understand the system, and they collaborate with District Health Boards and other services so that families are well resourced in the care of their loved one.

Able Minds builds resilience so families can cope effectively with the challenges they face because we know it can be demanding to support someone living with mental distress or addiction.

In particular, Able Minds’ Support workers provide -

Resources and information that may help you and the wider community better understand mental distress and addiction. We also provide education on different types of mental distress with a key role in assisting family and whānau with problem solving and coping strategies.

Support for whānau who has a loved one who is experiencing mental distress or addiction. We’re here to listen, offer hope and encouragement, help you develop strategies for dealing with difficulties, and to create support networks so you and your family or whānau can cope.

Advocacy, as we acknowledge the importance of the family voice and will support you to feel empowered to ensure your concerns and opinions are heard. We can provide practical support in your contact with other service providers if needed.