Signature Programme - Dunedin FoodShare

Foodshare is a programme designed to help families in need. Through MSD and self-referral, client families apply to Able Minds for six weeks of weekly nutritious food parcels delivered to their door. To do this, Able Minds has partnered with Kiwiharvest, an organisation that rescues food from stores which is about to be thrown away and delivers this to Able Minds Activity Centre in Dunedin. Kiwiharvest signs up food providers, collects products and delivers this to Able Minds in Dunedin. Our Activity Centre members grow produce in our garden, make preserves and other food products from some of the supplies, package parcels and deliver these to families. These parcels provide hope in times of financial crisis and nutritious supplies to keep families fed. It is of comfort to families to have this extra support in times of need. Families can re-refer to the programme or extend the provision period if struggles continue for longer than three months. This programme also has a dual purpose, it engages our Activity Centre members in meaningful work, teaches them practical baking, cooking and logistical skills and gives a sense of social purpose, re-engages them with community, builds confidence and comradery. 

Throughout the last 12 months, Able Minds has directly assisted
1261 individuals through the distribution of 436 parcels.